The Sea Change

Director: Kristin Scott Thomas
Screenplay: Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Producer: Barnaby Thompson
Cast: Kristin Scott Thomas, Mark Strong, Anya Taylor-Joy


Emmanuel (Em) is a successful London playwright, married to the divine Lillian for many years. Accompanied everywhere by Em’s devoted manager Jimmy, who is the glue in their lives, their marriage is in a constant state of quiet crisis: without Jimmy in the mix, everything might come apart very easily.

But the quiet is broken when Lillian discovers Em has been having an affair. Hurt and angry, Lillian takes herself off to a remote Greek island with a new friend, Alice. Desperate and remorseful, Em, with Jimmy in tow, follows her and this is when the tides of their relationship start to shift.

Alice is young and irresistible, and her straightforward assessment of their lives gives everyone pause for thought. Leading a simple and sun-kissed existence, with only the sea and the stars to marvel at, they start to face the source of their dilemmas and find each other again.